Italeri 1/72 C-27J Spartan

Model by Jaroslav Kral

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Hello everyone, happy new year 2015 and happy modeling. I would like to share with you my build of the C-27J from Italeri. I think there have been many reviews written about this model so i will focus on my build.

C27 01sm

  C27 02sm






 I like to improve models not only with resin or photo etched parts but also incorporating action features. I am interested also in electronics so my friend and I developed small programmed circuits to control electric motors and various light effects. The C-27J is like Christmas tree with all of its lights installed so why not to represent it on the model?
There are some places where LED or SMD LEDs could not be installed so fiber optics are a perfect solution.
Let´s start. First I drilled holes for electric motors and adjusted theair intakes. Once done, the engines could be assembled.

C27 03















C27 04















Of course this is twin engine aircraft so I had to do everything twice.

C27 05












Once the engines were completed I started the cockpit and cargo compartment assembly. I put green SMD LEDs into cocpit as it is the color most used. The cargo compartment has no lighting because all thewires and connections will be located there. 

C27 06
















C27 07









It was quite fun to install lights into the wing. There are 6 formation lights 2 position lights, 2 landing lights and wires for engines!

Once all the electronics were connected I assembled the fuselage and wings together. Next time, I would do them separately, leaving the wires free from the fuselage. Once all the subassemblies are sanded and polished the main wing could be connected.

C27 08







C27 09











Once all was dry I took care of the cleaning, sanding and polishing.

C27 10








C27 11











I used Eduard express masks to mask all windows and Maskol for all the lights.
Next I airbrushed the model and applied washes and weithering effects.

C27 12








C27 13













C27 14












C27 15








I painted and masked the leading edges and all black details before airbrushing the overall color.
I always apply a gloss coat before decaling. Once it is applied, decals can be placed.

C27 16











When i was happy i did another gloss coat before weathering. These aircraft are not much used in service so only light weathering is necessary.
After removing the masks, I added small details and placed the model on a display base. I decided on a black base because the gray aircraft shows up well against it. Next I completed all the wiring and connections to the control unit.


C27 17









C27 18











The model has variable power supply. It can be powered from a 12V DC source or battery.
Once the connection were finished  the instalation could be tested. The final result is just awesome.  I hope you enjoyed this built. More will follow. My next projects  will be an A350 or a B-17. We will see.

Greetings from the Czech Republic!

C27 19





C27 20







C27 21







C27 22









C27 23







C27 24



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